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watchOS 10.4 is finally here—it’s a much-needed update with exciting new features and critical bug fixes. Siri can read incoming messages in different languages, the watch display is less prone to false touches, and you can choose between even more face backgrounds. Let’s check out the steps to install watchOS 10.4 on your Apple Watch.

Which Devices Support watchOS 10.4?

Before updating your device, check whether your Apple Watch is compatible with this version.

You can install watchOS 10.4 on these Apple Watch models and generations.

Apple Watch Series 4 and later
Apple Watch SE (1st generation) and later
Apple Watch Ultra and later

Also, you’ll need an iPhone XS or later with version iOS 17 to access all the features of watchOS 10.4.

How To Download and Install watchOS 10.4 on Apple Watch

Time needed: 20 minutes

Now, let’s check out the steps to install watchOS 10.4

Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

Go to General > Software Update.

Once the system detects the available update, tap on Install.

To download and install watchOS 10.4, you must also ensure a few things.

Apple Watch should be charged at least 50%.
iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version.
Ensure the iPhone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.
Both the iPhone and Apple Watch should be close to each other.
Keep your Apple Watch connected to the charger while you download and install watchOS updates.

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