How to get the Snoopy Watch Face on your Apple Watch

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Apple Watch users can now add the Snoopy Watch Face, which features interactive animations and changes based on weather conditions.
To add the Snoopy Watch Face, users can do so through the Watch app on their iPhone or directly on the Apple Watch itself.
The Snoopy Watch Face has a variety of animations, and the background changes on Sundays to a colored version in a nod to the print comic strips in newspapers.

With each new watchOS release, many Apple Watch users ask: what new watch faces has Apple added this time? As it turns out, the company doesn’t release new watch faces frequently, so each new arrival is a big deal.

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In watchOS 10, there are two new faces: Palette and Snoopy. Palette is a colorful face that changes throughout the day, but Peanuts fans will be far more excited for the Snoopy face. If you’re eager to add Snoopy and Woodstock to your wrist, here’s how to get the Snoopy Watch Face on your Apple Watch.


How to get the Snoopy Watch Face using your iPhone

You can add the Snoopy watch face to your Apple Watch through the Watch app on your iPhone.

Open the Watch app. Tap Face Gallery. Under New Faces, select Snoopy. If you want, you can edit the colour and style of the Snoopy Watch Face. When you’re done, tap Add.

The Snoopy Watch face requires an iPhone running
iOS 17
or later and an Apple Watch running watchOS10 or later.

How to get the Snoopy Watch Face using your Apple Watch

You can also add the Snoopy Watch Face directly from your Apple Watch. Here’s how:

Tap and hold your current Apple Watch face. Swipe left until you see the plus (+) symbol. Tap it. Tap New Watch Faces. Scroll down to the Snoopy face and tap Add. Use the Digital Crown to select the style. Swipe left and use the Digital Crown to select a colour. Press the digital crown to save your changes. Tap the Snoopy face and it will appear as your Apple Watch face.

What does the Snoopy watch face do?

Apple has said that the characters on the Snoopy Watch Face “interact and play with the watch hands, react to weather conditions, or even get active when the user does a workout.” Indeed, when you wake your Apple Watch, you’ll see a different animation, with Snoopy sitting on the minute hand, or sliding down it. Many also feature his faithful sidekick, Woodstock. Some animations are unrelated to the watch hands. For instance, you will sometimes see Woodstock sneak out from behind Snoopy’s ear. There’s a decent number of animations, so you’re not just seeing the same few over and over again.

As mentioned, different animations will play depending on the weather. On a very hot day, for example, you might see Snoopy relaxing on top of his doghouse in sunglasses. After completing an indoor cycling workout through the Workout app, you will sometimes see Snoopy skipping across the screen in solidarity, with Woodstock chasing after him.

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There’s even a little Easter egg of sorts if you select the black and white background called Newspaper for your Snoopy Watch Face. From Monday to Saturday, the background will remain black and white, but in a nod to the print comic strips in newspapers, on Sundays the background changes to colour. Unlike the Mickey Mouse face, however, you don’t get the time spoken out loud when you tap the face — though, to be fair, Snoopy never did speak out loud in the Peanuts comic strips. He is a dog, after all.

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