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The Apple Watch is one of the best tools to accomplish your fitness goals and stay in the loop with your notifications. But if you look past the plethora of nifty Apple Watch tricks and features, another reason that makes it the best is the accessory market that exists for it and how you can style it; be it swappable straps, case options, or other add-ons, there’s something for every person who owns an Apple Watch.

Here, we look at three ways to style your Apple Watch and customize its simple look without much of an added cost.

Change it up with a different Apple Watch strap

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Using a different strap is the simplest approach to changing things up on your Apple Watch.

When it comes to first-party choices, Apple has always offered a variety of color options, so you’re never short on options. And if the look of its standard sport silicone band isn’t your cup of tea, you can always choose other first-party alternatives that use nylon or micro twill fabric (FineWoven) — previously leather.

But looking past the first-party offerings, you’ll see that there are large collections to explore! You can pick up straps that use different designs, feature a mix of textures, or even add functionality.

For example, there’s the i-Blason Cosmo Luxe, which you can pair with outfits perfect for a party or an occasion that needs dressing up. Then there’s the Twelve South Action Band accessory, which takes the Apple Watch puck and places it into a sweatband — perfect for a day out on the court or the football pitch. In the case of the latter, while a silicone sport band would also complement your outfit, the sweatband introduces additional functionality.

To provide some inspiration, we’ve listed some of the unique third-party options we’ve seen in the market that you can explore below:

i-Blason Cosmo Luxe Apple Watch Band
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In partnership with i-Blason

The i-Blason Cosmo Luxe might be a case, but it also comes with a unique band that matches the beautiful design of the Apple Watch. It’s made of a soft flexible silicone strap, and the case protects the watch from scratches, drops, and falls. It’s available in several color options for more customization. 

PROATL Protective Bumper Case (Apple Watch)

PROATL Clear Apple Watch Band is a soft, breathable and lightweight accessory to pair with your Apple Watch. It features precise cutouts — enabling access to all buttons and the Digital Crown — while keeping your wearable safe.

Twelve South Action Band (Apple Watch)

While most Apple Watch bands work fine for sports, the Twelve South ActionBand makes that band more functional with its moisture absorbing terry cloth material. It’s a convenient accessory to have if you’re often out having an adventure and it’s perfect to complete a sporty outfit. Plus, it arrives in a pair, so your other wrist doesn’t feel left out!

UAG Nylon Sporty Apple Watch Band

The Urban Armor Gear Nylon Weave is crafted from top-notch materials and boasts stainless steel custom hardware, complete with a hook and loop fastener. It has a tough design that pairs seamlessly with the Apple Watch Series 9 and includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Spigen Modern Fit (Apple Watch)
$22 $40 Save $18

The Modern Fit is made of premium stainless steel for additional durability and features a modern design. It’s easily adjustable, and it comes with a metal clasp for a more premium feel. It’s available in two different colors. 

Best bands for Apple Watch Series 9

Here are some of the best, most durable, and rugged bands for the Apple Watch Series 9.

Make it look rugged

The next way to style your Apple Watch is to take away its simplistic square look and toss on a rugged exterior. This type of accessory completely changes the dynamic of the Apple Watch, making it look more in place if you often find yourself doing adventure sports — plus, there’s the added benefit of increased protection.

Accessories like the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro or the Spigen Rugged Armor are great options for this look. They’re simple snap-on cases with partnered bands to complete the look. On the SUPCASE there are even hints of a carbon-fiber finish to make it an extra bit appealing.

And focusing briefly on the increased protection they offer, if there’s that odd day where you find yourself bumping into walls or hitting your wrist against gym equipment, this case will ensure the Apple Watch casing remains dent-free and the screen free of scratches or breaks.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

The Spigen Rugged Armor case provides excellent protection all around the entire smartwatch. It has a scratch-resistant and shock-absorbing material that provides a slim design, an adjustable band, and a metal clasp. The case has raised edges to provide even more protection for the display, and there are precise cutouts for the buttons and digital crown. 

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Band

In partnership with SUPCASE

The new UBP case from SUPCASE offers all the watch features in a rugged body. The bumper case provides rugged protection, and includes a scratch-resistant and fully adjustable watch band. The case has a snap-on design that can absorb shock, and the raised bezels can protect the display from scratches and damage.

Get simple protection and add other tidbits

The last style tip for the Apple Watch is to get a simple silicone case that lets you alter how the case looks! When buying an Apple Watch, you’ll notice that the Apple Watch SE 2 model does not have as many color/case material options as the standard version, three compared to the eight options for the Apple Watch Series 9 (including the stainless steel version).

Hence, changing up the look or finding a model that feels more personal to you can be difficult. To solve this, you can purchase a silicone case for the Apple Watch to change how the outer casing looks while adding a bit of protection. After this, you can pick up tidbits that either go onto your wrist or the watch strap to give your Apple Watch a little more of a style factor.

Ringke Bezel Styling (Apple Watch)

The Ringke Bezel Stylish is stylish, elegant, and provides a clean and modern look for your Apple Watch. It’s available in six colors, and it provides a high-quality stainless steel bezel that protects your screen from scratches and scuffs.

Ringke Slim (Apple Watch)

The Ringke Slim case supports Apple Watch 8 and 7 smartwatches, and they’re lightweight, and slim, providing a seamless and unique design. The pack includes two cases of your selection, and they can be easily installed or uninstalled with a simple press.

Hontao Ultra Thin Soft TPU

The Hontao Ultra Thin Soft TPU is a simple yet effective solution for users to customize their Apple Watch and keep it protected from falls. It’s also easy to install due to its soft build.

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With its expansive accessory ecosystem, the Apple Watch is one of the easiest wearables to pair with your outfits. With the options listed above, you can quickly change how your Apple Watch looks and feels while adding protection against damage.

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