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If you lead an active lifestyle of travel and adventure, then having a companion device like a smartwatch can make a huge difference in keeping track of everything. Of course, one of the best is probably the latest Apple Watch Ultra 2, and while it costs a pretty penny, it does have a ton of useful upgrades and features that anybody who is active can use. And, even though it’s a bit expensive, you save a bit of cash from Best Buy, which knocks $50 off the price and brings it down to $749. You can also get up to $275 in trade-in value for your older watches and a $10 discount if you’re a My Best Buy Plus or Total member, so you have some options for bringing the price down even further.

So, what makes the Apple Watch Ultra 2 such a great companion for an active lifestyle? Well, for starters, it does a lot of what the previous watch did, but better, making it great for travel, hiking, camping, and even diving, if you can believe it. While the previous Ultra watch didn’t have any way to track a dive, the Ultra 2 does, so if you were hesitant about grabbing the original Ultra watch before, this should sway you over. It also boasts a much brighter screen that can hit 3,000 nits of peak brightness, about 50% better than the previous generation and is perfect for those who normally struggle to see the screen in broad daylight.

The new S9 chip is also more powerful and lets you do things like use Siri offline, which is a great benefit, especially for those who are sensitive about their health data being shared online. Then, of course, are the new hand gestures, which allow you to control the watch with just one hand; great if you’re carrying something or hanging off a cliff and need to access the Ultra 2, so it’s well worth having. As for battery life, it’s been upgraded to roughly 36 hours on general use, and an impressive 72 hours if you go with the power-saving mode.

Overall, the Ultra 2 is an incredible watch and perfect if you travel and have an active lifestyle of adventure. That’s doubly true with the nice discounts that you can get from Best Buy, starting with the $50 direct discount, and then the $275 of trade-in value and the few free months of various Apple services thrown in as well.

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