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A render of what the Apple Watch series 10 could look like

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The Apple Watch Series 10 is expected to arrive with some big changes. This is what the rumor mill thinks is on the way.

The Apple Watch has been a mainstay over the years, getting an update like clockwork every fall for most of its life. But at the same time, there’s not been any major changes to the fairly static design of the smartwatch.

Much like the iPhone X’s major design changes, Apple has been rumored to use the tenth series of Apple Watch to introduce big alterations to its wearable. Rumors and speculation from commentators insist something special is on the way.

Here is what has surfaced about the next Apple Watch release so far.

Referred to as the “Apple Watch X” instead of the Apple Watch Series 10, it was said in August 2023 that the new release would launch sometime in 2024 and 2025, to mark the momentous number.

Depending on the rumor, the Apple Watch Series 10 could be thicker or thinner.

The refresh would include a number of key changes, rather than be a more incremental change as usually observed.

One of these changes is said in the report to relate to how you connect bands to the Apple Watch at all. The use of a magnetic system is proposed, which could help reduce the space used by the existing slot-based mechanism.

It was also offered in speculation that there would be a thinner overall design for the device.

At this point, the rumors about a radical redesign don’t seem likely. Everything so far points towards Apple continuing the same sort of design but with significant tweaks, rather than sweeping changes.

If other rumors and renders are to be believed, it’s still going to be a square-ish design with a rounded display just like its predecessors. No off-the-wall changes like a circular display are anticipated so far.

More likely is the thinner design — but it’s not going to be hugely thinner.

Apple Watch Series 10 may not work with older bands

Continuing the band sentiment, a leaker said in December that the “connectors of next-generation of Apple Watch has completely designed.” It was also claimed that old bands wouldn’t work with the new Apple Watch.

The leaker also insisted that the leak was “100% accurate,” which doesn’t instill confidence.

The mechanism for Apple Watch bands could change with the Series 10

The leaker didn’t go into any further details on the claim and didn’t offer sources. However, their previously spotty accuracy did include a correct claim about FineWoven bands pre-launch.

Add in the earlier band claim, and it seems quite plausible that something will happen to band fixings.

As to how this so-claimed magnetic band system could function, there’s no obvious explanation for how it will function.

Apple has looked into using magnets in new ways with its Apple Watch bands in patents, such as one that turns into a protective case. In one filing from 2021, Apple offered more than 50 drawings explaining ways magnets could be used to securely engage with each other.

Apple Watch Series 10 may sip power thanks to a better display

The Apple Watch already has systems in place to minimize battery usage. Its low power consumption and adjustable refresh rate enables the display to be always on for the user.

Even beyond that, there’s even the Low Power mode, which reduces usage to the essential elements.

In April 2024, it was reported that Apple will update the display again, to make it even more power-efficient. The report said it would use a new low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) thin-film transistor (TFT) technology in the OLED display.

LTPO-TFT is already in use in the Apple Watch display, but only to some switching TFTs within the panel. Meanwhile, older LTPS is also being used for other switching TFTs and driving TFTs.

Under the new display, LTPO will be used on more TFTs, including the driving TFTs. LTPS will still be used, but only on any remaining TFTs and circuits outside the viewable pixel area.

Apple Watch Series 10 may be thinner and larger, or possibly thicker

In a pair of reports from June, Apple will be making its Apple Watch thinner, following the trend promoted by the iPad Pro refresh.

It was offered that the Apple Watch will be made thinner since Apple is starting a new class of hardware that aims to be the “thinnest and lightest” in their categories.

To a point, Apple has been doing the whole thin-and-light motif for years. This may be a bigger push to go even thinner and lighter than ever before.

The rear of the Apple Watch Series 10 will continue to have the sensor array.

In June, an analyst offered that the major redesign of the Apple Watch will be not only thinner, but larger.

Existing Apple Watch sizes start at 41mm and grow to 45mm. For the Series 10, it’s proposed the starting point would be 45mm, with the larger size being 49mm.

Testing of 3D-printed components has reportedly gone well, and could impact future iterations of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch X screen could be bigger than an Apple Watch Ultra

In late June, the traditional leaking of CAD designs and renders occurred. These give an idea of what the new models could be like, thanks to a 3D image.

The renders released on June 26 look fairly familiar to those who already use an Apple Watch. However, the display is much larger on the render than normal, with the chassis being only marginally bigger than the Series 9.

You may find the Apple Watch Series 10 has a larger screen than the Series 9.

This would give the appearance of a larger display with thinner bezels. That screen would be 50.8mm, just bigger than the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra.

The renders also pushed back on other rumors that the Apple Watch Series X would be thinner. In the CAD image, the thickness is 11.6mm, north of the Series 9’s 10.7mm and below the Ultra’s 14.4mm.

A change of around a millimeter may not seem like that much, and it really isn’t in most cases. But, for an item that’s worn on your wrist every day, every dimension change counts.

While a thicker unit may not be the best result for the Apple Watch Series 10 or Series X, it would at least provide more space internally for other components. Even a few extra millimeters of space could translate into a bigger battery cell, further improving battery life durations.

More time on the wrist is always good for a timepiece. For the next Apple Watch, whether it accomplishes it by having more physical battery or being smart about its usage, it’ll certainly be a beneficial change if it actually comes true.

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