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I’ve had an Apple Watch since day one, so I’ve collected quite a few Apple Watch bands over the years. TimePorter is a product that organizes my Apple Watch band collection… eliminating the need to search for the band I want to wear.

What Is the TimePorter From Twelve South?

TimePorter is one of those products that you can’t believe didn’t exist until you hear about its release. TimePorter is a simple yet elegant rail structure that adheres to a wall with 3M Command Strips and is designed in such a way that you can vertically hang your various watch bands from their lugs along the length of the strip. A single TimePorter is approximately 10” long and can hold up to 6 Apple Watch bands. The mechanism for holding the band in place on the TimePorter is a precisely sized silicone rail that has just a big enough gap that you can push the lug of your Apple Watch bands into the lip of the rail and the pressure from the silicone keeps the band firmly in place until you pull it out.

The silicone rail keeps the Apple Watch Band firmly in place. (Image from Twelve South)

Installation of the TimePorter is simple and it has the added benefit of being 100% reversible without damaging the surface it is installed on. The back of the TimePorter has several 3M Command Strips, so all you have to do is remove the peel-off portion from each 3M Command Strip and apply pressure to the TimePorter on the wall and installation is complete. Since the TimePorter is using 3M Command Strips you can simply pull the tab off of each 3M Command Strip and you can remove TimePorter from the wall like it was never there.


Length: 10” (255mm)
Height: 2.1” (54mm)
Depth: 0.4” (9mm)
Capacity: 6 Apple Watch Bands
The contents of the TimePorter box. (Image by Skip Owens)

The TimePorter has one additional yet key feature: they can be linked together. If you have more than 6 Apple Watch bands you can link two (or more) TimePorters together and have one long continuous strip from which to display all of your Apple Watch Bands. Simply remove the end cap from one of the two TimePorters, use the included Bridge Tab (which connects the two TimePorter end caps together), and slide them together. This allows you to easily add on to your existing TimePorter when your Apple Watch Band collection grows.

How Have I Been Using the TimePorter?

I am using my two TimePorters on the side of my closet wall to hold my Apple Watch Band collection. I have enough Apple Watch Bands that I needed to buy two TimePorters, but my closet is not very deep so I have my TimePorters installed in parallel to each other instead of end to end.

This is how I am using the TimePorter in my closet to organize my Apple Watch Band collection. (Image by Skip Owens)

I chose to install my TimePorters inside my closet for a couple of reasons. For one, I really didn’t have another spot in my room where it both made sense to display my Apple Watch Bands and for it to be convenient for me to access them. By putting them inside my closet it is one less thing I have hanging on my wall and it functionally makes sense to me. I tend to change watch bands when I am getting dressed and getting ready to leave to go somewhere, so I am already getting into my closet anyway. Now, instead of having all of my Apple Watch Bands in a bowl on top of my dresser, they are all nicely lined up on the inside of my closet. No more searching through a bowl full of bands to find the band I want. The TimePorter also serves another function. The watch bands I wear while working out are all washable, so I tend to just wear them in the shower with me. The TimePorter was designed so that it holds the bands off the wall just enough that they can air dry without getting the wall wet. So now when I get out of the shower I can take off the clean wet band and let it dry.


The TimePorter is a very simple product that not only adds organization to your life but also displays your Apple Watch Bands in a classy way and gives you a place to dry your bands after they have been cleaned.


Attractive display for your band collection
Easy to install and remove
Can be combined to accommodate a large band collection
Holds bands off the wall to allow them to dry


Only comes in white
6 band capacity only works if you can double up the two-piece bands (not easy depending on the style of band)

The TimePorter is available now from for $29.99 each.

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