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To call theApple Watch Ultra 2cheap or affordable would probably not only be a grossly exaggerated statement, but an outright false one. While there are obviously a number of good reasons why this extremely sturdy smartwatch normally costs a whopping $799, it’s physically impossible not to look at that price tag and have your jaw drop to the floor.

That… won’t radically change after Amazon’s latest discount on one specific variant of the 2023-released rugged timepiece, but it’s likely going to be at least a little easier to pick up said jaw off the floor and push the “buy now” button at a substantial $90 less than usual.

Like its more “mainstream” Series 9 cousin, the Ultra 2 has managed to survive last month’s sales ban scare and is now almost as affordable as it’s ever been, fetching 10 bucks more than a couple of weeks before Christmas and incredibly enough less than it did on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023.

In order to maximize your new year savings, you will need to opt for a model that pairs an ultra-robust titanium case with a small olive alpine loop, and if that’s a problem, we’re afraid you’ll have to settle for a humbler $40 or $60 Amazon discount right now.

Similar in a lot of ways to the 2022-released first-gen Apple Watch Ultra, Cupertino’s sophomore rugged smartwatch effort goes toe to toe with virtually all of the best Garmin wearables out there in terms of durability while positively shining (both figuratively and literally) as far as screen quality is concerned and offering… better-than-average battery life.

The raw power of this thing is clearly off the charts, which is why it would obviously be pretty unrealistic to expect it to last weeks on a single charge. At the end of the day, a gesture is probably the main feature that separates the Apple Watch Ultra 2 from its predecessor, which may not sound crucial but at this newly reduced price, it can make all the difference in the world.

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