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Apple Watch’s next big software update, watchOS 10, is just around the corner and we have all the information you need to know right here.

Now that the Apple Watch 9 has been unveiled, there’s precious time left before the next watchOS update is released, not just for Apple’s latest wearable but all previous Apple Watches that are compatible.

Because this is the tenth-gen update for its operating system, Apple has gone all out for watchOS 10 and unlike last year’s update, this one brings a whole host of improvements that are set to change how we interact with Apple Watches going forward.

In order to make sure that you aren’t caught unaware, we’ve compiled all the key information about watchOS 10 right here including what features to expect, which phones are compatible and more importantly, when watchOS 10 is set to release to the public. Just keep on reading to find out more.

A whole new look

Taking advantage of the fact that ’10’ is a pretty big milestone for watchOS, Apple’s decided to completely revamp the look of watchOS. WatchOS 10 now features entirely new app designs for most of the major applications such as Apple Maps, Weather, Calls and more.

All of these redesigns seem to have followed the same design philosophy featured in last year’s iOS lockscreen update, where it all focuses on filling the screen with bright colours and stylised font.

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Snoopy lands on Apple Watch

After tie-ins from the likes of Mickey Mouse and Toy Story, Apple Watch now has its next big branded watch face featuring everyone’s favourite pooch: Snoopy! That’s right, Charlie Brown’s good friend Snoopy is coming to Apple Watch with a bunch of different animations available to make the most of the character’s estemeed history.

Snoopy won’t be the only addition to the watch face library, with the new ‘Palette’ design also coming via the update. Palette features a minimalist approach with no dials to speak of but plenty of pastile-like colours around the screen. It won’t be for everyone but if you prefer a laid back, colourful design then it may be your go-to watch face.

Smart Stack for Apple Watch

After starting out on iOS, Smart Stack will be making its way to Apple Watch. It’s not quite a full widget system for Apple Watch, but it’s as close as we’ll get to seeing one. Just like Smart Stack on iOS, this will offer up quick bits of information that the Watch things will be important to you depending on the time of day.

Apple has shown off the new feature during several presentations, with apps including Apple News, Stocks and Weather offering integration. Having all of this information available at a glance will save users from having to open up separate apps.

A big push on mindfulness and wellbeing

Apple continues its push to make the Mindfulness app more useful, and this time it’ll let you log exactly how you’re feeling and jot down what’s behind your feelings in the current moment. It’s the type of feature that’s been available in similar meditation apps like Calm, but it’s impressive to see it here given than the Mindfulness app is completely free.

To add to the push for better wellbeing, Apple Watch will now track the amount of time you’ve spent in daylight via the ambient light sensor. Time outdoors and better access to Vitamin D are linked with improved mental health over all, so it makes a lot of sense for the watch to feature tracking like this, and I wouldn’t be too surprised if a lot of other wearables followed suit.

Better golf, cycling and hiking tracking

If you’re an avid golf player who wears an Apple Watch Series 8 or an Apple Watch Ultra then get ready – you’re going to see way more functionality on this front fairly soon. Courtesy of the sensors in these wearables, you’ll be able to get detailed insights into your wrist rotation and the level of pronation in your stance, which should prove handy if you’re trying to perfect your swing.

Cycling workouts will now appear as a Live Activity, which can then be viewed on your phone with even more metrics including your current heart rate zones. Hiking is also getting a fairly substantial update, as it can now keep track of your last known location when out and about which should make it easier for the emergency service to find you if you can’t make your way back to a known path.

watchOS 10 compatibility

To know which Apple Watch devices will be eligible for the watchOS 10 update, see the list below:

Apple Watch Series 4Apple Watch Series 5Apple Watch SEApple Watch Series 6Apple Watch Series 7Apple Watch Series 8Apple Watch Ultra

For anyone who’s keeping track, no watches have been left out of this update that weren’t included in last year’s watchOS 9 update. The Apple Watch 3 was the last wearable to be dropped from the update cycle (last receiving watchOS 8), but none of its successors have faced the chopping board since.

The release date for watchOS 10 has finally been unveiled. Get the calendar app open and make sure to jot this down – watchOS 10 will be available to download on Monday, September 18.

When the update is made available, you’ll be able to find it within the Apple Watch app under ‘General’ and then ‘Software Update’.

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