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Samsung has just announced a ton of new products and, while some items do look quite impressive, its Watch Ultra has drawn ire for looking suspiciously like an Apple Watch Ultra — complete with its own version of the iconic orange Alpine Loop. 

As pointed out by tech YouTuber Snazzy Labs, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra has a very similar face plate and color scheme to the best Apple Watch right now. He goes on to say the “Watch Ultra is the most shameless copy of an Apple product in ages—and it’s hideous”. He isn’t much kinder about many of Samsung’s other new products, accusing the Buds3 and Buds3 Pro of being AirPods clones. 

The comparison here, for either product, is a bit hard to ignore. The comments on Snazzy Labs’ original post aren’t much kinder, with one user saying “I hate all this Apple copying garbage. If people want Apple stuff they’ll buy it. Not a knock-off Samsung version that’s inferior in every way that matters.” What makes this even worse is Samsung’s new watch even has a programmable button that functions like the Action button Apple fans are used to. 

Today was a huge L for Samsung:• Ring looks good (if a bit limited compared to Oura) until you realize it’s $400 and only works on Samsung devices• Watch Ultra is the most shameless copy of an Apple product in ages—and it’s hideous• Wait, it gets more shameless—Buds3 and… pic.twitter.com/IKmht3YDK6July 10, 2024

Both watches are very similar, having a similar battery capacity and weight, with Samsung’s offering having double the RAM and the Apple Watch Ultra getting double the storage capacity. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is a little bigger at 49mm and has a higher display resolution. Samsung’s watch is $150 cheaper, though giving both devices rely heavily on their respective OSes, you will likely be stuck committing to the watch that suits your phone choice. 

Though the cheaper price point is certainly nice for established Samsung fans, the shameless design copy sours it somewhat. If, despite the comparison, you still want to get the new Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra, it launches on July 24. 

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