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watchOS 10 improves the Apple Watch in many ways, but there was one glaring omission when the new update launched in September — the removal of the ability to swipe between watch faces.

Initially, many thought it was a bug; why would Apple remove such a useful feature? Well, now, in watchOS 10.2, you can swipe to change watch face again, almost as if it was never removed in the first place.

Here’s how to enable Swipe to Switch Watch Face so you can change your Apple Watch faces quickly again.

How to swipe between Watch faces on Apple Watch (again)

The removal of this navigation method in watchOS 10 has made changing watch faces on Apple Watch far more time-consuming than it needed to be. Now, swiping between watch faces is back, and it’s simple to enable.

(Image credit: Future / Apple)Open Settings on your Apple WatchTap ClockEnable Swipe to Switch Watch Face

With this setting enabled, you can swipe from the edge of your Apple Watch display to change between the watch faces in your watch gallery. Having this setting as an opt-in gives those who accidentally change watch faces by swiping the option so everyone is a winner.

Back again

When I first updated to the watchOS 10 beta and went to swipe between my watch faces I was confused as to why it no longer worked. Like many others online, I was sure it was a bug that would be rectified in the official release of the software. Once watchOS 10 launched in September, the ability to swipe was still not there, and I just had to accept Apple’s baffling design choice.

I’m so happy to see that this option has been added to the Apple Watch again, so anyone who wants to use the swipe feature to change watch faces can quickly do so. I like to have multiple watch faces depending on the time of day, so now I can easily change between them again.

watchOS 10.2 is now available for all of the best Apple Watch models, including the Series 9 and Ultra 2.

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