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This is a good time to be in the market for smartwatches as there are many options available but if you are an iPhone user and you would like a watch which has saved the day more times than I can remember, you should go for the Apple Watch Series 9 as it’s on sale.

Apple products don’t go on sale as frequently as Android devices and while we have seen a reasonable number of deals on the Watch Series 9 since its release in late September, none of them was as good as the one Amazon is running right now.

The Apple Watch Series 9 offers a wide array of health, fitness, and safety features, making it one of the best smartwatches of 2023.

It has a beautiful and bright always-on OLED screen and feels light and comfy on the wrist. It’s powered by the S9 dual-core System-in-Package, which is based on the iPhone 15‘s A16 Bionic chipset, making it snappier than other watches. The Watch Series 9 also has the U2 Ultra Wideband chip which can help you find your iPhone 

The watch comes with a blood oxygen sensor, an electrical heart sensor, an optical heart sensor, and a body temperature sensor and offers accurate health tracking. It also offers sleep and stress tracking, medication reminders and can also track workouts.

It features emergency SOS satellite connectivity and can solicit help if it detects a crash or fall.

For one-handed use, you can tap your thumb and index finger together and perform tasks such as starting a timer or pausing audio when your other hand is busy.

The Watch Series 9 starts at $399 but right now, it’s $30 off and Amazon is also offering a $59 coupon, meaning you can save $89 on it. This is the biggest discount the watch has ever received. Grab it if you don’t want to compromise on health and safety features, performance, and long battery life.

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