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If you’re a fan of smartwatches and are in the Apple ecosystem, then grabbing Apple’s Watch series devices is a no-brainer. Of course, the issue is that Apple’s devices tend to be quite expensive, so it’s always ideal to wait for when there are considerable discounts. Luckily, these two great Apple Watches are heavily discounted this weekend, so it’s the perfect time to pick either of them up if you’ve been waiting for a while. Alternatively, if neither of these do it for you, then check out some of these other great Apple Watch deals instead.

Apple Watch SE — from $199, was from $249

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When the first Apple Watch SE came out, it was a big surprise, as it was the second time that Apple had released a budget-friendly product, with the first being the iPhone SE. Luckily, the next iteration, the Apple Watch SE 2, is also relatively well-priced and has a lot of great specs under the hood. It has comprehensive fitness tracking and a heart rate monitor, although not an ECG or blood oxygen monitor, which is ok since it helps bring the price down. What is impressive is that it has a two-day battery life, although it is a bit slow to charge, which seems to be the same problem but on the other side of the scale. Either way, for the price it’s going for, it’s an excellent pick if you want an Apple Watch without paying a huge some of money.

Apple Watch Series 9 — from $349, was from $399

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Of course, if you want some of the best that Apple has to offer, then the Apple Watch Series 9 is the way to go. It’s Apple’s second most expensive watch, after the Ultra series, and is almost as good for half the price. iPhone integration is, as you’d expect, very smooth and easy, and the overall performance is excellent with the newest chip that it has inside of it. Probably one of the most interesting new features is Double Tap, which allows you some control of your watch by tapping your fingers; which is actually pretty useful if you’re carrying or doing something and need to answer a call, which you can now do with a double tap of your fingers instead of the awkward nose tap.

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