Next-gen Apple Watch may not support older bands: What it can mean for users – Times of India

Apple Watch: Next-gen Apple Watch may not support older bands: What it can mean for users – Times of India

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Apple launched its latest Apple Watch 9 Series and the Watch Ultra 2 smartwatches along with the iPhone 15 lineup in September. Rumours suggest that the Cupertino-based tech giant has already started working on the next-gen Apple Watch models. However, a latest report claims that the upcoming Apple Watch models may not work with the bands from the older ones.Apple leaker and prototype collector Kosutami took to social media platform X to reveal the news about older Apple Watch bands. The leaker also suggested that the company may also change the way existing bands connect. Currently, users need to slide the bands into a slot and click them in with a spring. However, the new watches may use magnets or something else for attaching bands, reports MacRumors.Why Apple is making the changeThe report claims that Apple is planning to change this as the current system takes up space inside the watch. The company may use this space to equip its smartwatches with bigger batteries or other important hardware.In August,Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman predicted that the upcoming “Apple Watch X” may feature a different way to attach bands to the device. The latest report aligns with the previous one.This change could upset users as all the bands they have collected over the time won’t fit the new watches.Apple is also reportedly planning a new look for its watches. The design change may make Apple Watch models thinner and come equipped with a bigger screen. The upcoming smartwatches are also expected to bring new health features like checking blood pressure and detecting sleep apnea.Earlier this year, the leaker predicted about Apple replacing its leather Modern Buckle band with a FineWoven version. He even showed real pictures of the new bands before it was officially announced.

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