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The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 may have only debuted in September 2023, but the clock is already ticking for the release of their successors. We gather up all the news and rumors that give us some clues about what we might find in the Apple Watch Series 10, Ultra 3 and whether there will be a new Apple Watch SE in 2024. 

Apple will likely update the Apple Watch in 2024 as it has done so every year. We expect to see a new Apple Watch Series 10, a new Apple Watch Ultra 3, and a third-generation Apple Watch SE.

Apple has a pretty set release schedule when it comes to the Apple Watch range. Usually, the new devices are announced at the September events (alongside the new iPhones). The new Watch models then go on sale soon after. The only divergence from this pattern was in 2021 when the Apple Watch Series 7 didn’t arrive until October. 

Here’s when the past few generations of the Apple Watch were announced:

Apple Watch Series 9 & Apple Watch Ultra 2 – September 12, 2023
Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra 1 & Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) – September 7, 2022
Apple Watch Series 7 – October 18, 2021
Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE (1st generation) – September 15, 2020

Going by the dates above, we’d say it’s very likely that the Apple Watch Series 10 will make its debut in early to mid-September 2024. 

Apple is also likely to update the Apple Watch Ultra at the same time as the Series 10. Expect an update in September 2024. 

Apple doesn’t update the Apple Watch SE every year. That model was introduced in 2020 and updated in 2022. Based on a two-yealy update cycle, we think we will see a new Apple Watch SE in September 2024.

Again, we need to look at the past pattern of pricing. Apple offers its Watch models in a variety of configurations, but here’s how the baseline models lined up at launch:

YearApple Watch SE Apple Watch Series (41 or 40mm)Apple Watch Series (44 or 45mm)Apple Watch Ultra 2023–Series 9: $399 / £399 Series 9: $429 / £429Ultra 2: $799 / £7992022$249 / £219 (was £259 at launch)Series 8: $399 / £419 Series 8: $429 / £449  $799 / £8492021–Series 7: $399 / £369 Series 7: $429 / £399 2020$279 / £249Series 6: $399 / £379Series 6: $429 / £409 Italics for products that are no longer sold by Apple.

As you can see, prices of all variants of the Apple Watch have held steady in the U.S., with some fluctuations in the U.K. prices. There’s a good chance that we will see similar pricing for the Apple Watch Series 10, Ultra 3 and SE 3.  

We predict starting prices of $249 / £219 for the Apple Watch SE 3, Series 10 from $399 / £399, and Ultra 3 from $799 / £799.


With the launch of 2024’s Apple Watches still off in the distance, there hasn’t been that much in the way of solid rumors so far, but here’s what we’ve heard.

Analyst and prime rumor-monger Ming-Chi Kuo posted a list of expectations for the Apple Watch via his Medium page in October 2023, including the Debbie-Downer prophecy that: “The 2024 new Apple Watch will unlikely have significant innovative experiences.”

In that Medium article, Kuo indicated that we won’t see Micro LED panels in the new version, which quashes one rumor that has been doing the rounds for a while. He goes on to state that the display technology may not even make it to the 2025 model, but rather be introduced with the Series 12 in 2026. 

Bloomberg’s leaker-extraudinare Mark Gurman has also discussed rumors about a new microLED display (although others say he could be referring to the new Apple Watch Ultra 3 model and not the Series 10. He also mentions

Jim Martin / Foundry

Over the years Apple has introduced sometimes life-saving health features with the Apple Watch, including heart rate and oxygen monitoring. What’s coming in 2024?

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman wrote in November 2023 that in 2024 Apple will add new health features to attract new customers and entice owners of older Watches to upgrade.

Apple is know to have been long at work on blood glucose monitoring. However, it seems this feature still needs time to develop and may not be ready for a while, according to reports.

Kuo thinks that blood glucose monitoring won’t be available. This will come as unwelcome news to those who manage various blood conditions and were hoping for the Apple Watch to take some of the strain.

Gurman wrote at the beginning of November 2023 that the next Apple Watch could gain the ability to see when the wearer’s blood pressure is elevated. While the watch won’t provide systolic and diastolic readings it will log details in a blood pressure journal and warn the user if they should consult their doctor.

The 2024 Apple Watch could gain the ability to check for sleep apnea by monitoring the wearer’s breathing and sleep patterns, according to Gurman.

In an August Power On newsletter Gurman wrote that Apple is planning a redesign to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Watch, with a new Watch X bringing a slimmer case and new magnetic attachments for straps. This is all confused somewhat by the release date. April 2015 was when the Apple Watch first launched, so 2025 would be the 10-year anniversary (in the disorganized way that humans think), even if 2024 is when the Series 10 is due to be released. Huh, numbers. 

Other than these reports, we’ve seen very little so far about how Apple will approach the 10th generation of its hugely successful Watch. Obviously, we won’t sit on this, as we’ll continue to scour the internet for more news and rumours, then update this article as we find them. Until the next version comes around though, be sure to check out our roundup of the best Apple Watch deals currently available. 

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