iOS 17.1.1 fixes wireless charging related issues, watchOS 10.1.1 fixes Apple Watch battery drain – news –

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Today Apple has pushed iOS 17.1.1, iPadOS 17.1.1, and watchOS 10.1.1 to compatible devices. As the small increments imply, these aren’t big updates that bring with them new features. Instead, they fix some nasty, glaring bugs that have popped up recently.

iOS 17.1.1 fixes the Weather lock screen widget’s incorrect display of snow, but also, perhaps more importantly for some people, issues with Apple Pay and other NFC features becoming unavailable on all of the iPhone 15 models “after wireless charging in certain cars”, according to Apple.

The cars in question? BMWs. That sounds like a total pain, so make sure you update as soon as possible if you’ve been affected. Users have also reported various issues with Wi-Fi connectivity and device shutdowns, but it’s unclear if this update will also fix those problems, as Apple’s changelog doesn’t mention them.

watchOS 10.1.1 is intended to fix an issue that could cause quick battery drain for some users of Apple Watches. There are also other “important bug fixes” included, which are not singled out. So if you feel like your Apple Watch wasn’t lasting as long on watchOS 10.1 as it used to before, then make sure you update it to the newest version at your earliest convenience.

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