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Darick Langos, a skilled diver from Port Barrington, Illinois, has remarkably recovered approximately 200 Apple Watches from the bottoms of lakes, issuing a stern warning to owners about the risks of swimming with the original watch bands. Operating in Indiana’s Chain O’ Lakes, Langos utilizes his metal detector to unearth lost treasures, transforming his underwater adventures into a lucrative pursuit.


Underwater Treasure Hunt

Langos’s journey into the depths of the lakes began as a quest for lost items, leveraging his diving skills and metal detection technology. His surprising finds include a wide array of Apple Watches, all lost by their owners during aquatic activities. The sheer number of watches recovered highlights a common issue faced by many: the original Apple Watch bands may not be as secure as users believe, especially during swimming or engaging in water sports.

Warning to Watch Owners


Upon realizing the frequency of these losses, Langos felt compelled to share his insights, aiming to prevent future incidents. He suggests that Apple Watch owners consider alternative bands that offer enhanced security when planning to engage in activities that involve water. His advice comes from a place of experience, observing firsthand the disappointment of those who lose not just a valuable piece of technology but often a personal item with sentimental attachments.

Broader Implications

This revelation sheds light on a broader issue regarding the durability and security of wearable technology accessories. As consumers increasingly rely on these devices for not only telling time but also for health tracking, communication, and more, the demand for accessories that can withstand various lifestyles is evident. Langos’s findings prompt a necessary conversation about the need for manufacturers to consider the diverse ways in which people use their products, potentially leading to innovations in design and functionality.

Langos’s underwater discoveries serve as a wake-up call to both consumers and manufacturers alike. While the allure of technology enhances our daily lives, it also brings to the forefront the practical considerations of durability and security. As we strap on our smartwatches and dive into our next adventure, let’s remember the lessons from the depths of Indiana’s Chain O’ Lakes. It’s not just about the technology we wear, but how we secure it in the vast and unpredictable world around us.


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