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I’ve had my AWU2 since Dec-2023, truly love it.However I’m perplexed by GPS accuracy: AWU2 vs iPhone 14Pro, seems AWU2 is around 6% less than iPhone 14Pro.Below are screen shots with data.

These are all MTB bike data; I start/stop both same time, AWU2 is left wrist facing up (top of wrist), iPhone is mounted to bike stem clear view to sky. I use the app TrailForks, its GPS settings are as shown; tick every 1 second for 1m min distance. I can’t find a setting spec for the AWU2 in any settings, on AWU2 or the iPhone watch app.

With the Apple ads stating “precision dual-freq GPS provides accurate location for calc distance, pace, and route maps” I’d expect the AWU2 to be much close, 98-99% accurate as the iPhone.

Does anyone know if Apple is “crippling” the GPS accuracy by less frequent sampling time or distance wise??I’d like user settings to balance trade-off of GPS vs battery is that’s the rationale.Mike R

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