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Some users have reported experiencing phantom display taps when using their Apple Watch but the newly-released watchOS 10.4 update might have fixed it.

Some Apple Watch owners have been complaining of so-called phantom display taps no their Apple Watches for some time now, with people saying that apps have been responding as if they touched the display with their fingers. For those who experienced the issue, the results could be dramatic with calls being placed when they aren’t needed, messages sent accidentally, and more. Now, there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for those who have been waiting for Apple to issue a fix.

That fix might be part of the watchOS 10.4 software update that Apple rolled out yesterday with Apple’s release notes ecpficially calling out the problem. Apple says that the watchOS 10.4 software update fixes an issue that caused some users to experience what it calls false touches and those suffering with the problem will no doubt hope that Apple is true to its word here.

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The watchOS 10.4 software update brings with it a handful of other improvements including a fix for a bug that caused some contacts not to sync to Apple Watches for some users.

As for new features, Apple says that the Tap to Show Full Notification setting now allows users to double tap toe expand the notification. Another addition is the fact that using Apple Pay with Comfirm with AssistiveTouch will now require that a passcode be entered for additional security, not just double-clicking the Side button.

The watchOS 10.4 software update is available for download now and we would suggest everyone installs it ASAP. The update can be installed via the Watch app on the iPhone while those who have automatic updates enabled may already have the watchOS 10.4 update installed.

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