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There are a few requirements for NameDrop to work. Both people need to have an iPhone updated to iOS 17.1 or a Watch updated to watchOS 10.1. The feature works with any iPhone that can run the latest operating system, but only certain Apple Watch models (Ultra, Series 7 and later, and SE 2nd generation). And you both need to be signed into iCloud, with the NameDrop feature turned on. It’s on by default once you update to the latest operating system. 

Think of NameDrop as an extension of AirDrop, the familiar Apple feature that lets you easily share photos and videos with nearby devices. AirDrop requires you to activate the feature. With NameDrop, the swift sharing of contact info is prompted simply by bringing two Apple devices close together. 

In fact, AirDrop can now behave more like NameDrop. You can go to share a photo or video, select AirDrop, and authorize the transfer simply by holding your iPhone up to another AirDrop-enabled iPhone, as long as that person is in your contacts. The shared images will transferred automatically to their photo library.

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