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The next Apple Watch software update, dubbed watchOS 10.4, is now available to developers for testing ahead of a release to the public.

If you’re an Apple Watch owner you’re going to get a new software update within the next few weeks, but before that can happen it’s been made available to developers to ensure that mode testing is done before the big release. That watchOS 10.4 update isn’t expected to bring a huge number of new features to Apple Watch owners, but there’s something for emoji fans to look forward to.

In terms of those new features, the software has only just landed so we might find new tweaks and improvements over the coming hours. However, right now, it’s believed that the new emojis are the biggest change here. There have been a number of new additions including a lime, a brown mushroom, a phoenix, and a broken chain. Two new shaking heads have also been added to cover the “yes” and “no” movements.

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Those who are registered developers can now download the new watchOS 10.4 update via the usual methods. That involves using the Watch app on the iPhone the Apple Watch is paired with and then choosing the Software Update section. The Apple Watch will need to be on the charger and have at least 50% battery charge at the time of the update otherwise it will not commence.

As for when the new software will be released to the public, expectations are that it will arrive within the next few weeks – likely before the beginning of March. That gives Apple a few weeks of beta testing to ensure that no new bugs have been introduced and then fix any that are found in subsequent beta releases.

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