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According to a recent report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the upcomingApple Watch Series 10is set to boast a largerdisplayand a more powerful chip, potentially paving the way for future advancements.The report suggests that both the standardAppleWatch and the Apple Watch Ultra will receive larger displays in the Series 10 iteration. While the exact size increase remains unknown, it signifies Apple’s commitment to offering users a more expansive viewing experience.This could translate to easier navigation, clearer data visualisation, and improved accessibility for those with visual impairments.The Apple Watch Series 10 is also expected to feature a faster chip compared to its predecessor, the S9 chip in Series 9. While details are scarce, a performance boost could lead to smoother app loading, faster data processing, and potentially enable more complex functionalities in the future.Despite the display and chip upgrades, Gurman’s report indicates that the overall design of the Apple Watch Series 10 will likely remain similar to the Series 9. The faster chip could lay the groundwork for the introduction of more advanced features in future iterations of the Apple Watch. While Gurman asserts that “the full initiative” of Apple Intelligence, a rumored AI integration, won’t be present in Series 10, the upgraded chip could pave the way for its eventual inclusion.In related news, another online report suggests that Apple will not able to include advanced health tracking features like blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection in upcoming Apple Watch 10 series.Sources close to Apple’s development process revealed that the company has faced technical challenges in creating reliable blood pressure monitoring on the Apple Watch. Additionally, concerns regarding the new watch design potentially impacting blood pressure readings have emerged.

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