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‘Fortnite’ maker wins battle over Google app store

STORY: The maker of the ‘Fortnite’ video game has won a big battle with Google. Epic Games says the search giant’s app store has operated as an illegal monopoly. It took the firm to court over the matter. On Monday, Epic said a jury had found in its favor on all counts. The California court will now begin work on what remedies to order in January. Google immediately said it would appeal. It denies all wrongdoing, saying its rivalry with Apple’s app store requires it to compete intensely on price and quality. The lawsuit accused it of taking steps to crush competitors, and said it charged excessive fees of up to 30% to app developers. Now the ruling marks a stunning defeat for Google – and could upend the entire app economy. Legal experts say it could give developers much more say over how their products are distributed, and how they profit off them. Google might be forced to allow alternative app stores to open on its platform. Epic launched a similar case against Apple in 2020. A judge largely ruled against it on that occasion, but the game maker is seeking to have key points of the case reopened by the Supreme Court.

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