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It’s been a busy couple of days for Apple and now it’s the turn of phones and watches to dance into the light. Going perhaps a little under the radar compared with the MacBook Air M3 and the company’s scuffles with the European Commission were these bright new iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands.

Don’t expect they’ll stick around forever though, as they’re labelled under ‘seasonal colors’ on Apple’s website.

Firstly, for the iPhone 15 series, the silicone case with MagSafe is now available in the new colors of Soft Mint, Sunshine, Light Blue, and Pink. The sunshine yellow is definitely my favourite, followed by the soft mint.

Some new 2024 Apple Watch bands are given the same colour treatment. But not all colors are available in each type of band, so it’s a little confusing.

There’s also a bunch of Hermès bands. First up, there’s a new knitted band called Tricot inspired by 1930s-era Hermès gloves created for driving, sailing, and golf. It comes in Jaune de Naples, Bleu Jean and Orange (I love the orange, personally).

The existing woven nylon Hermès Toile H Single Tour is now available in Bleu Céleste and Framboise. The Hermès Twill Jump Single Tour is in Bleu Céleste and Jaune d’Or. Finally, the waterproof molded rubber Hermès Kilim Single Tour is in Blanc and Bleu Céleste.

Sport Loops now come in Soft Mint and Ocean Blue. Sport Bands are in Soft Mint, Sunshine, and Light Blue (again, sunshine is my favourite here).

If you want a Braided Solo Loop Watch band, you can choose from Sunshine, Light Blue, and Raspberry. The Solo Loop comes in Pink, Soft Mint, and Ocean Blue.

Everything is available immediately except the Hermès bands which will be later this month.

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