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Embroiled inmore controversy than anyone could have imaginedjust a couple of months ago,Apple‘s latest (and arguably still greatest) smartwatches are probably more attractive than ever before. 

That may sound weird or outright false, but with or without a functional pulse oximeter, the extremely well-reviewed Apple Watch Series 9 is definitely hard to turn down at a colossal discount of around $266.

Because this device normally starts at $399, that completely unprecedented and presumably unbeatable markdown obviously doesn’t apply to an entry-level configuration with a 41mm aluminum case and no standalone cellular connectivity.

Instead, you’ll have to opt for a stainless steel model designed for folks with small wrists and capable of making and receiving voice calls without a smartphone nearby. Even more specifically, Amazon is currently slashing $265.45 (or 38 percent) off the $699 list price of a single 4G LTE-enabled Series 9 variant with a premium silver stainless steel case in a 41mm size and a storm blue sport band.

This killer new deal further improves on a number of already pretty compellingrecent Apple Watch Series 9 offersacrossmultiple steelandaluminum modelsthat have coincidentally (or not) landed shortly after the blood oxygen sensor-related legal issues emerged for the Cupertino-based tech giant.

It pretty much goes without saying that probably the best smartwatch out there right now for iPhone users comes with way more than the one controversial health sensor, still being able to potentially save your life by detecting falls and crashes, monitoring your ECG, carefully and continuously tracking your sleep, and even taking your temperature.

The Apple Watch Series 9 also sports a super-bright and super-sharp Retina Display with a crack-resistant “crystal” on top of it while supporting a neat new Double Tap gesture for smoother and more intuitive UI navigation than ever before. In short, you should totally consider taking advantage of Amazon’s latest promotion on this absolute screamer of an intelligent timepiece.

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