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If you’re into rugged smartwatches,Applestuff, and you also want to keep your last-minute holiday spending to a minimum, buying the OG Apple Watch Ultra ata whopping $160 less than usualright now might seem like a no-brainer. But what if you could get the newer and slightly more impressive Apple Watch Ultra 2 at a surprisingly close discount in time for Christmas?

Forget the “what if”, because that’s precisely how things stand at Amazon today, where arguably thebest Apple smartwatch money can buyin late 2023 goes for $100 off its $799 list price in a couple of different versions. We’re talking about one with a blue alpine loop and another that pairs this bad boy’s ultra-tough titanium case with a green/grey trail loop.

In both cases you have to manually apply a $50 coupon to your product before adding it to your cart, with a separate $50 discount showing up right from the start. A few other Apple Watch Ultra 2 models are currently on sale for 70 bucks under their regular price, which is also a very rare and undeniably attractive deal you should absolutely consider taking advantage of if the two aforementioned color combinations don’t fit your style.

There’s obviously no telling how long these Black Friday and Cyber Monday-beating discounts will last, and especially if you want the cheaper-than-ever rugged wearable to arrive on your doorstep before Christmas, you should probably hurry and place your order as soon as possible.

Compared to its predecessor, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is now only slightly costlier… in addition to only slightly more powerful, brighter, and overall handier. That Double Tap gesture is quite possibly its most important upgrade, but that’s in large part because the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra was already very impressive, with stellar battery life, top-notch durability, excellent screen quality, and pretty much all of the best health monitoring tools under the sun. 

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