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A rounded-rectangle case is one of the Apple Watch line’s most distinguishing features. Though the overall design of the smartwatches only alters slightly from one generation to the next, each model is available in specific colorways. The latest Apple Watch Series 9, for example, introduced a popular pink case not found in the Series 8.

Like its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 8 is available in aluminum or stainless steel cases in 41mm and 45mm sizes. However, each material offers one less color in the latest model. The Series 8 lineup in aluminum includes Starlight, Midnight, silver, and (Product) Red options. The stainless steel lineup includes silver, graphite, and gold.

Generally speaking, Series 8 colors are attractive but relatively plain. With the exception of the (Product) Red, the options are all neutral metallics. Anyone looking for the green or blue from the Series 7 lineup will be disappointed. You can always mix up your option with an Apple Watch Series 8 case for extra protection.


A unique warm silver, Starlight is neither true silver nor true gold. For some users, this desaturated, blended in-between works well for wearing with other jewelry in mixed metals. On the other hand, some shoppers will find the silver “off” when trying to match it with silver metal watch bands. In our opinion, it’s an attractive compromise we consider a neutral cream.


Carried over from the Series 7, Midnight beats out Space Gray as a darker, moodier case option. The Series 8 Apple Watch color reads as almost black on the wrist with very little sheen. With closer inspection, you’ll find hints of deep blue. It works especially well for a formal look and pairs great with almost any watch band.

(Product) Red:

The line’s punchiest option, (Product) Red offers a vibrant, saturated hue that should look familiar. Apple sells several devices in this same color. Of course, a portion of the proceeds of every purchase from Apple’s (Product) Red lineup go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS and mitigate the impact of COVID‑19, so you can do good while looking good with this pick.


The only Apple Watch Series 8 color to straddle the aluminum and stainless steel lineups, silver is an option in either case material. However, it won’t appear the same in both materials. As shown above, silver is fairly matte in aluminum and chrome in stainless steel. However, regardless of which material you prefer, if you find Starlight too yellow, you will likely appreciate the return of silver to the Series 8 lineup. It offers a perfectly neutral finish that pairs well with leather and metal watch bands.


Moving on to colors exclusive to the higher-end, stainless steel cases, a gold Apple Watch Series 8 is an old favorite. Never mind that gold generally reads upscale; this finish exudes a refined aesthetic. Even the bezel looks particularly flashy in gold.


Also only available in stainless steel, Graphite is the closest Apple Watch Series 8 shoppers will find to a black color option. Aka, it’s the pick Batman would make. Midnight’s even-classier older brother, Graphite, is great for anyone planning to sport their Apple Watch in boardrooms or ballrooms.

Apple Watch Series 8 bands

If none of the colors felt especially inspiring, don’t worry. You can always add a ton more flair to your device with a colorful band. The Apple Watch Series 8 is compatible with bands in everything from silicone and leather to patterned nylon and metallics. The devices are also compatible with watch bands from previous generations. Browse the style lab on Apple’s website or see our list of the best Apple Watch bands to shop for replacement bands from third-party retailers.

Top Apple Watch Series 8 color questions and answers

The Series 7 offers blue, green, and Space Gray, all of which were dropped from the Series 8. The Series 8, however, reintroduced silver to its lineup.

We consider the Apple Watch Series 9 the best smartwatch available and easily the best choice for iPhone users. Very similar to the newest model, the Series 8 is a great option you can now find at a discounted price.

The Apple Watch SE 2 is available in Midnight, Starlight, and silver.

The Apple Watch Ultra is only available in titanium.

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